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Expect movement soon ... I'm setting up Moveable Type on my own webspace, and this will get shiftied. Don't worry, there will be warning, and I'll update RingSurf when I'm done and all :D

in other news, Kiwi is still in the box awaiting staining as she will be till near May at this rate, and I'm knitting on a Lion Brand Capelet in LB-Homespun, my Inishmann in the russett Bendigo wool is gorgeous still, and in process, and I restarted my shapely tank/tee in denim silk so I could do it in the round. Woo!

at 2005-04-10 09:47
What do you think?

I've decided that once Kiwi is all nicely stained and reassembled, my next Goal is to start learning to spin New Ways. Mostly I spin two plies for convenience and simplicity, but it's time, gosh darn it, to start learning to spin fine and consistent, to learn to navajo ply in such a way that it looks good and balanced when I'm done, and to try other things like fancy yarns, cabled yarns, all that jazz. I think I might order a bulk chunk of cheap combed top from Copper Moose to practice with so it's white and I can see what I'm doing, and it's combed so it's more user friendly. Do I have a lot of wool already? Sure, but it's not going to be as easy to learn on. Figure I'll order it once I get back from vacation though, rather than before. Don't know if I'll go BFL or Corrie. The price is about the same either way, but I know BFL has always been so soft and dreamy, even when it isn't the extrafine. Yeah, I'll prolly go for the 3# of BFL for $44. Hee :)

at 2005-04-05 17:26
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ze Pi Shawl, she is compleat

pic cut for size, 800x600Collapse )

Begun.... late Dec 2004/early Jan 2005
Completed 3 April 2005
Henry's Attic Prime Alpaca, sportweight, approx 1400+ yards
5mm (US8) needles
Pattern from Knitter's Best Shawls and Scarves with final segment lace and garter stitch lace border designed myself.
dimensions ... enormous. that's a king size bed.

"Lace Shawl" goal accomplished. When I get more done on Inishmann (I only have one pattern row repeat complete) I'll take a pic to show off goal #2 in progress, "Aran-type Sweater"

at 2005-04-04 11:45
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Never satisfied

The back is complete for my cardigan. Trouble is? It's come out to about 25-26" across. It's FARKING HUGE.

I'm staring at a re-knit. I know I am. Because otherwise, I shall never wear it. The neckline alone could fit around my waist.

I even did the math when I first started working on it, and I don't recall it coming out to 52" around. 50" I could deal with for a sweater. 52" is just too too big for me, it'll never sit on me right.


Now comes the debate on how to make it fit right. I'm thinking I could probably just drop down a needle size, but I need to investigate the option of actually doing fewer stitches in the square.


at 2005-03-24 17:14
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Mmmmm instant gratification

The new yarn shop in Cedar Park just opened, the Bluebonnet Yarn Shoppe, and it is SO COOL. It has some things that Hill Country lacks, and Hill Country has some things it lacks, but all in all, unless I want Brown Sheep or some specific other things, I happily have a much more accessible yarn shop to hit when I'm in need. Their Cascade 220 selection was BEAUTIFUL, both in number of colors and quantity of each, enough to make a WHOLE FREAKIN SWEATER IN ONE COLOR! WOOOOOOOO! Heh :) And of course too many damned novelty yarns, because I finally got hit with the inspiration to make my own floofy useless scarf. Inspired by my favorite Sesame Street resident, meet Oscar the Grouch, scarf style. I'm actually really tempted to do a Red Fraggle one as well. Started out as a Kermit scarf idea, but Kermit isn't fuzzy, Oscar is, and these colors really did say "Oscar". I should probably make a Gonzo to round out my "Henson Faves". ::giggle::

Managed a meager few more rows of the edging on Pi and nothing on the sweater, but at least now I know where to go with my samples to get the skeins I'll need to finish it. Glad I held off, because I was holding the wrong shade of brown. Think I got the right shade of red, but decided to wait and go with the floofy scarf instead. Always up for supporting the local economy, that's me ;)

Possible action shot of Oscar later on in the week, but I think we all know what a 7+ foot narrow fuzzy scarf looks like by now. Picture for color more than anything else. Maybe I *will* get those googly eyes for it after all, hrmmmmm....

at 2005-03-18 17:04
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I love my pi shawl and all, but really I think this shawl is much more what I wanted. The Great Gatsby it's called. I adore it. Looks like it's from the 2002 Accessories issue of Cast On Magazine, but it looks like half a pi shawl with nifty lace tossed in the pattern areas instead of just the diamond stuff. Must stick to what I have already though!


Pi Shawl edging - I'm doing a knitted on garter stitch lace treatment, not too wide, just about 15 stitches with the same diamond as we have everywhere else in the shawl

Mitered Square Cardigan - How much does one need to change a pattern before one calls it something entirely different? The squares are still from the San Fransisco Shirttail, but I'm making it a cardigan, doing color changes every four rows in the square, probably changing the sleeves...Bah! It's my 70's cardie. The knitted equivalent of granny squares, really.

Flower Basket Shawlette - barely started, but eyeballing me from the floor.

Socks for Kristi in the Trekking XXL - Really need to kitchener that damned heel and start the next sock, they go fast enough if I just DO THEM.

I started a teddy bear in Kureyon, but I'm not really attentive to it. Need to just take an afternoon and make it and be done with it.

Who else is laying around wanting done...oh yeah, I did tell Dorris I'd make her those socks from her Mountain Colors since she bought the yarn really wanting socks but then found she really doesn't like knitting them. Hey, for a one time deal, no biggie. They're just not top priority ;)

Also wouldn't mind making a few more of those sock-toe bags and divvying up my dice bags. I really want to make some with the number of sides the dice have marked on them so that I can separate out the ones I don't use As Sets into "bag o' 4s" that kinda thing. Thinking I might do it in purl bumps so I can still work it in the round and so I can read it with my fingertips in the bag. Yeah, freaky little woman.

at 2005-03-17 10:42
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The insanely large pi shawl...

This is the shawl I'm making out of my sportweight alpaca - it's already 54", and I don't even have it to the point I feel I can do the edging yet. Another round of the diamonds is going to add 9" though, which would be way too much for my tastes. I'm debating something small I can toss in there at the edge pre-edging, and what edging to then do to finish it off (something simpler than the nightmare in the Shawls and Scarves book, I can promise you that).

On the sweater front, I think my SFShirttail is going to become a cardigan with slightly modded sleeves. Patricia mentioned the option in passing at knitting today, and I love the idea. And if I DON'T like it after all, I can always run a slipstitch up the center and make the front solid. No biggie.

at 2005-03-11 16:47
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hello, long neglected craftyblog....

I'm nearing my goal of sucessfully spinning "froghair". I went over to Michelle's Tuesday to retrieve my poor forgotten duck eggs, and toted Kiwi over to get a mini-lesson. Low tension, high twist, lots of patience. I got pretty darned thin, so long as I concentrated, now to work on consistency :D Woo!!

In other news, sweater progresses nicely (it's the San Fransisco Shirttail from Just One More Row). And I got to leaf through Opinionated Knitter today. MUST. HAVE. Might have to order that and the current Wool Gathering after payday.... I want that cuff to cuff pattern they have out now.

Also, "sheep pr0n" from my trip to Fire Ant Ranch to help with shearing. I even got to cut a little, but mostly I skirted and took a few pics today and got to give treats to the sheep and goats and horses. And skirt some more. And scoop sheep poo off the table and toss it over the fence from us. Hehe :)

at 2005-03-08 15:48
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long time no update

Been spinning like mad at the theatre because of rehearsals ... kind of pissed that my dyes are STILL not here (though I finally got CHARGED for them so maybe I'll get a freakin' tracking number soon).

The Pi Shawl is still in a sort of time out because I am still not convinced I shall ever wear it as it is. I'm really really REALLY leaning towards ripping it all out and making a faroese style shawl out of the alpaca instead, partly to control the size and partly because folded over sportweight alpaca is gonna be HEAVY. I kind of know I'm going to rip it because really it's what I want to do, but I'm making myself observe a waiting period to be sure.

Started on a sweater I'm making based on a diamond pattern a friend has - it's the diamond from Just One More Row's San Francisco Shirttail, kinda, but I'm changing colors at every garter ridge, and I'm going to turn the diamonds so they are point down rather than flat and work up a V-neck tunic. It's probably the same as another pattern she has on there, but I want to see if *I* can design my own domino/modular/whatthehellever sweater. Plus, it's a good way to use up that Cascade that didn't work out well as a striped Dolman Updated. I have a grand total of One Square Done. Heh.

Working on the first of the pair of socks for Kristi. I like how it's striping now that I decided to just make a plain toe-up sock. I seem to be making only toe-up socks lately, which amuses me. I used to despise them, and now I adore them. Go fig. Thinking I might actually make this one with an afterthought heel rather than the usual short row heel I do. It looks about the same, but the stripes might work out nicer like the toe if I afterthought it. Means I need to remember to carry some extra yarn to knit as waste though.

Otherwise, not much going on craftywise. Show opens on Friday, and since I haven't got my dyes, I'll be spinning my red Shetland/silk/mohair/something blend I made and possibly the pink stuff I got at White Elephant while I wait to be able to dye the other stuff I have. I want something colorful that will really sing for the lights. And singing and acting while spinning is still really hard. I'm getting better at it though. Just kinda hard to split my attention all the time because when problem develops under my fingers, I HAVE to fix it, I can't just let it go. Ah well.

at 2005-02-22 10:42
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sooooo cloooooooooose

On the edging of my Pi Shawl. I think there is an undocumented errata, because it says to work over 17 stitches, but you only have 16 after the 8th row where you restart, but oh well. I don't expect too much ... XRX's errata has a friggin' typo in the corrections. What can you do :P Muddle through as seems best, I suppose.

at 2005-02-09 09:57
What do you think?

I wonder if now I'm actually understanding the irritation of the longtime serious knitters when knitting became The New Big Thing. The peak in spinning is starting to really get me, like I get frustrated far too easily over it all.

The Pi Shawl nears completion. There are a few places here and there where my eyelets for whatever reason were muddled, but it's a black shawl, and it will be folded in half most of the time when I wear it, and I really don't see any reason to pull it all apart to fix what I couldn't even find where the error started. So, still on target to finish it this week before the retreat I hope. ::fingers crossed::

Finished one of a pair of socks for myself, wil work on the other at some point. Been spinning like a fiend because of the show, but I'm worried my posture or something has been really bad because I'm starting to have shoulder issues, and when I sat down to spin yesterday, my hand cramped when I started to hold the fiber. Not cool, going to the chiropractor tomorrow to get some work done to help.

hope hope hope I can get the shawl done and blocked by Friday. I so very want to take it with me :)

at 2005-02-07 13:21
What do you think?


Ta da! (and yes, the off-striping is deliberate) 2.75mm needles, Regia 4 fadig I believe it was (toss an umlaut in there while you're at it).

at 2005-01-30 15:41
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I guess this knitalong is long since over...

my recent carding adventures with wool and silk and mohair are making me think carding my cotton with my wool might make that cotton handleable. Considering that I just don't seem inclined to knit with cotton yarn, this seems like quite the plan, I'd say.

Looks like Madame Kneehigh will be complete before the shawl, but I'm okay with that. Also on the docket, I'd like to go on ahead and make Kristi's socks, and I want to make some smaller pouch bags, just squarish ones, for small subsets of dice in my bag. The roundbottom is great for a bag of diceholding +2, but the squared ones are superior for bags inside.

I put in an order for some yarn from Bendigo Woolen Mills - my friend came back from Australia and New Zealand with a color card and order form. *drool* Gorgeous yarn, great prices, quality stuff, big hanks ... I'm so in lust :) Maybe I'll do just a regular sweater with a cable up the front or something for interest. Or try Bed and Breakfast again. Dunno if the 8ply will be thicker enough for the pattern to hold up nicely. We shall see.

Also was startled by the differences in knitting tension. I was working on a sock on 2.75mm needles, and someone else had a sock in finer yarn on 2.25 or 2.5 needles and her stitches were WAY bigger than mine. Was ... enlightening. I've been knitting long enough I'd think for my style to settle mostly into whatever it is, so I guess I'm just a snugger knitter. At least my yarn doesn't squeak :D

at 2005-01-29 08:59
What do you think?

yes, yes I *know* it takes all kinds ...

But oh my freakin' god I am SO TIRED of these nasty, barely spun rags of twisted fiber people are oohing and aaaahing over. The only possibly use for these things I can see is a hat or scarf, and even those over time are going to get enough wear and tear I can't see how they can possible stand up for long. I suppose for me, I'm more interested in what I see as the art of spinning and not Spinning Art. Amazing combinations of fibers, sure. But ugh, I mean, barely drafting them and letting them wad up into a mess is only yarn by loose definition in my book. But hey, it's a wild crazy world out there, and they aren't making it hard for me to spin beautiful yarn, they're just on a different defintion of beauty. Much like knitting I suppose ... anyone can make a garter stitch scarf, and now anyone can spin their own mangled mess of fiber to knit said scarf. I'm getting too bitter in my young age :P Ah well.

ANYhow. Work progresses slowly on the pi shawl, as I'm getting bored with it. Still, will finish it before I start anything else big and shiny and new. I did start a ::gasp:: garter stitch scarf with ::gaspgasp:: novelty yarn from the stash, as something to do to work on the whole meditative quality of knitting thing ... Yes, I do grasp the humor in someone wailing and gnashing over the hip knitters and spinners crowd and then trying to practice some kind of Mindful Knitting kind of meditiation with one of their favored projects. And I still need to finish my kneehighs. Prolly take them to work on tonight as the pi shawl is too attention demanding and I want to be able to have fun.

Okay, back to more rainy day knitting and spinning fun. Now, with Pound Cake in the oven!

at 2005-01-27 14:10
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sticking with one project, amazingly enough, seems to help get them DONE.

I'm on my last segment of the Pi Shawl now, but of course, that means "Knit 90-odd rows of 576 stitches". Oog. Considering I started it on like Sunday last week though, I can't complain too much. And I've made a number of different possible repeats to use in the segment as well. Gonna decide which to go with today.

Started spinning some llama, but didn't get much done. Sure that's about to change though as Sleeping Beauty rehearsals will start tomorrow, and I'm bound to start spinning during those any day now :) Also, I get to be one of the arranged Goddesses at the Dark Goddess Ball in February, and I'm going as Clotho :D Huzzah for spinning fate goddesses! I may poke through the things up at the theatre, but I'm thinking I'm going to have to make my robe to fit me, being such an odd size and all. No biggie, it's already mostly made in my head, I just have to get the fabric and make it real.

at 2005-01-14 11:57
What do you think?

in progress

well, I've turned the heel on my second knee high, and I've gotten most of the first stripe up done - one more stripe before I start the increases. Also, I have a Pi Shawl in my black alpaca (yarn of the devil!) that I've got not quite midway through the 288 stitch section. I'm actually REALLY liking this pattern, and I'm toying with what to do for the last section, the 576 stitch rounds. I can either go with the diamonds as written in the Best of Knitter's Shawls and Scarves, or I can find another eyelet pattern that fits, or I can do as I was pondering, which is to do 32 repeats of feather and fan, an 18 stitch repeat, as the last section so that it even makes its own edging. I'm really not sure. I think the feather and fan would look alright, but I don't know if maybe I should save it for the next one I do, and make the inner rows plain or somehow more scallopy and then finish with the feather and fan. It will be a bit though before I need to worry about it ... 288 stitch rounds take a fair bit longer than the 144 stitch rounds :P

Still, I feel I'm doing a grand job of conquering lace :D And such a pretty shawl I'll have when I'm done! Though it sounds like I might have to go get me some long PVC pipes and elbows and make me a frame to lash it to for blocking... I don't know what else I'd have that would be sizeable enough for it, huge round thing that it is.

at 2005-01-12 13:30
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So what have I been up to ...

My sister surprised me with a fly-by visit Monday, so I was able to give her the mittens I'd made her as well as the socks for mom, and all postage saved. Woo!

Finished off the silk/merino I needed to spin for the edge of my ruana finally. Mostly done with the second lace glove for Monnie - need to see about dyeing it purple, prolly with koolaid. Going to do a test swatch first. What else ....

Spent a lot of time agonizing over what to make with that tussock baabajoes yarn. I want to make something cabled but I'm having a hell of a time coming up with what cables to use and how many and all that. *sigh* I really don't want to have to do a foot on each side of freakin' moss stitch, but I need a 50" around sweater :P Damn boobs.

Pondering making a mexican wrestler ski mask. Just because I'm an odd odd bird. I think it would be funny as hell.

Otherwise, just enjoying the fact it's chilly enough for me to wear a bit of my stuff. Yay!

at 2005-01-06 14:18
What do you think?

So maybe not New Year's Resolutions, per-se...

Maybe instead of normal resolutions, what I should do is make a list of all the things I want to knit this year instead. That way, too, when I reach a point of frustration and don't know what to knit next, I can refer back to this entry for the list of things I said I'd do.

First off, in my typical way, I don't want to knit the plain top-down v-neck raglan sweater anymore from the Araucania Nature Wool. Nope, what I'm going to do is find a lace pattern I like, and make the bottom part lacy, make a definite high-waist kind of point, maybe with eyelets or some sort of transition and actually have set-in sleeves I think, something that's decently fitted down the arm and then maybe bells out into the lace pattern. Which means I'll go ahead and unwind the sweater now so I'm not staring at it feeling I should work on it. This shall be Resolution Project #1, The Self-Designed Fancy Sweater.

#2 - I want to make an Aran/cabled sweater/whatever you want to call it. I'll use the Tussock Babaajoes I have that I already planned to do that with, even. Need to swatch it, and then pick some simple cables. This can be either my own design, or someone elses that works out to gauge. Don't care.

#3 - a general resolution - knit myself enough pairs of socks I never have to wear store-bought ones unless I just want to. #3.1 would be to knit a pair of argyle socks.

#4 - I want to knit the Pi Shawl or even Sleeves in your Pi, now that I have the magazine with that extra tidbit in it. Not sure which yarn to use as I might just use that black alpaca I have for a White Lies Design. I've got the Knitters now that has Carina in it, and I'm debating making the alpaca into that. Not sure if the 46" though is going to be big enough, might have to play with it. Doesn't look like that should be terribly hard to add an inch to each side.

#5 - a gansey. Again, can be someone else's pattern or my own, but I want to knit a gansey style sweater.

#6 - a sweater from the yarn I've spun.

#7 - something larger in laceweight. Maybe a scarf, maybe a shawl. I'm thinking scarf first. Hell, I've managed gloves. A scarf should be the next progression, eh?

and the best knitting resolution I can make to myself is that if I'm giving people knit things for Christmahanukwanzikah this year, I'm going to make them EARLY.

More later, if I think of them....

at 2005-01-03 11:50
What do you think?

Finished at last, thank the gods!

I bought this yarn forever ago, at least a year ago, I'd wager. It was Trekking XXL, and it looked really pretty in the ball, kind of a southwestern funk thing going on. So finally I started knitting the socks, and quickly realized something important. I hated this yarn. Not the weight, though the fact I'd have to do the socks on 2.25mm needles was daunting. No, I hated the colors. They looked positively wretched to my eyes once I had a few color bands done. Ew. Me no likey. I ended up ripping them (because I know the first time I started them was on the US1s) and tossed it all aside.

At some point, I must have decided to have another go at it, and completed one toe-up sock. I still hated it, so I never made the second one as though time could make me forget or make it less awful. Finally I decided to get the damned things done and send them off to my mom, seeing as how she'd mentioned wanting another pair of socks and had not been specific as to color or anything, and she's my MOM, she'll at least pretend to like it if nothing else, right? Actually, I think she'll like them because they ARE kind of funky, just not MY kind of funky. So I got to the heel finally of the second toe-up sock on the way to my dad's house for New Years Eve. I realized as I held the completed sock next to the sock in progress something was horribly wrong - I must have done the first sock on US2s (2.75mm) because the gauge was TOTALLY different. GAH! Not only did I not have twos with me to start over, I had to admit I really liked it better on the ones, so that meant I'd have to finish the second sock and then RE KNIT the second sock. MORE time spent on these godawful things. But, with perseverance, a good nap this afternoon, and caffiene, they are done and I never have to knit them again. No idea what to do with the rest of the yarn. Throw it in the scrap bucket for some later thing that needs it I suppose. But here they are in all their dubious glory:
Click here for the socksCollapse )

at 2005-01-03 03:40
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In 2004, I managed Fiscal Responsibility. I wonder if in 2005, I might manage at least a modicum of Fiber Restraint that isn't completely budget driven.

How in the bloody hell do the artists do it? Well, some of them get sponsors, some start working with found objects, that kind of thing I guess.

I want desperately to make a glorious Lopi sweater. One of the ones that's plain all around except the yoke, and that yoke is a beautiful riot of colors dancing around the shoulders. I haven't the foggiest idea when I'd wear it since we get like two weeks of proper cold per year, but I'd even be fine making it to my sister's size specs, just to see something so wonderful come together on my needles, to make something so pretty. Feh. I need to get her to send me her measurements, then I'll plan one. It'll happen. Eventually, dagnabbit.

I'm at no real shortage of yarn either, and I REALLY need to start knitting up the stuff I've spun myself. Some of it is *really* nice, after all.

Ah well. Need to spin up the trim for my ruana. Want to try spinning some of my new Finn. Want to get some of that extrafine dark BFL like I got Dorris for her birthday - that stuff is so soft :D Would really like to stop wanting so much more than all the stash I have, but maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan. So much yarn out there I want, so many projects I already have on needles that I need to finish and so many more I want to do. I thought I'd be whipping through things after I quit my job. I just started more is all :P

at 2005-01-02 18:29
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Good News/Bad News

Good news, I finished the second sock of the pair in the yarn I decided I hated the colors of.

Bad news, I realized halfway through that I was using US1 needles and the first one had apparently been done on US2s. I liked the second sock better though, so I finished it on the 1s and am about to start the first sock over on the 1s as well.

Also, I tried a new toe-up castoff. I worked the picot hem thing, where you K2tog, YO all the way around for one round then knit a bunch more rounds and fold it over at the YO row and stitch it down - it looks pretty damned cool! Cast it off on 5s too so the blasted thing would still fit over the ol' heel. Think they're going to mom though - I like the sock better, I but I still don't like the damned things.

Happy New Gregorian Calendar Year!

at 2005-01-01 20:51
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why do we put up with this?!

You know, it's really appalling how STUPID women's clothing has become. Men still have the sense to demand functional, stylish attire while for some reason you take something that honestly looks like someone in Paris fucked up sewing something and WOMEN WILL FLOCK TO IT.

The latest email from Lion Brand was just enough to tip me over the edge. WHY I ask you would any woman prefer to wear the woman's version of This pancho pair rather than the men's? Why does that women's version even EXIST?! It's completely asymmetrical and totally POINTLESS in the event it were actually cold enough to wear something of that weight. WHAT THE HELL?! IT ISN'T EVEN FIGURE-FLATTERING SOMEHOW!

I have NEVER understood women's fashion. Finding myself immersed in a hobby that tries so hard to replicate modern couture just pushes me further over the edge. Why on earth are clothes that look like someone sneezed when they were cutting considered Hot Fashion Items?! I just don't get it!! It's like the more impractical and utterly ridiculous an item of attire, the more popular it is likely to be. COME ON!

whatever. Can you tell I'm ranty tonight?

at 2004-12-27 00:18
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coincidental green-alonging ;)

I was struck with this great idea for a hat Thursday night, and dug out some wool-ease to make it with. I wanted to take the folded up special brim idea I liked in Coronet from Knitty, but make it without having to pick up stitches and all that nonsense. So I selected a motif that fit within the stitch count requirements of my gauge, made the braided trim, did the motif, did the braided trim again and knit another row, then turned it inside out and continued knitting so that I was now knitting on what was the wrong side to the brim, but the new right side to the hat. That way I could flip the brim up easily and have the whole knit thing continue. Suppose I could have knit for the three inches that made up the brim and had a smoother interior, but it's the inside, I didn't mind. Had I stopped at a headband, it would have been a good idea though. From there though, it was a regular hat pattern with a pom on top.

ta da!Collapse )

Only trouble is that it has to stretch a bit to go around my head and it distresses the motif/colorwork somewhat. Not so much I'm horrified, but enough that I should probably cast on more stitches to do it next time so it doesn't have to give so much. Then I could just decrease before beginning the typical hat underneath.

at 2004-12-19 14:11
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project plans

-- V-Neck Tunic in Araucania Nature Wool
-- Bow-knot scarves for presents (damn these are a great use for handspun yarn!)
-- mittens (though I ripped the one I was working on - they were irritating me, and will only lead to having to make another hat to match them. Screw it.)
-- spinning the edging yarn for the ruana (I have the fleece, just need to spin it)
-- knee-highs (need to try them on and see how much more I need to do)

Still to make:
-- Angels
-- cabled sweater with the tussock colored baabajoes
-- that bistro sweater when I can buy the Lamb's Pride Bulky - I'm thinking in green if I can find a shade I really like. Hard to tell on my monitor. Maybe in sunburst gold though, that looks neat, too. The naturals could work, too, though. Ooooooor, or I could make this my Pink Sweater that I want to make :)
-- a sweater in Bartlett Yarn, because it's so loverly. This is the other option for "pink sweater".
-- more socks, though the idea of making essentially the dubbelmossa with self patterning yarn is pretty good.
-- mittens/gloves
-- Rip out the Denim Silk Shapely Tank and start over again, in the round this time so shaping is easier.
-- need to decide now if I want to make gifts for the cast because if I do, I need to get cracking on it. 19 people are a LOT of freakin' people. Leads me to think that it's a probably not, unless something fast and easy comes up.
-- flower basket shawlette with the handspun mohair/wool I need to dye
-- Charlotte's Web shawl

at 2004-12-10 11:59
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First, the yarn I dyed to knit Charlotte's Web. I used Wilton icing colors, vinegar and water, and then set it in the microwave and it seems to be pretty colorfast.

And secondly, the bow-knot scarf I knit this afternoon for my mom using my very own spun 2-ply... one ply grey alpaca, one ply grey Ashland Bay blend Colonial wool. It's actually really nice, and I'm thinking I've got to make me one now - heck, I probably have enough yarn to make a second exactly the same. I think she'll like it. Pardon my goofy look, it's hard to get a good pic of myself ;) Used 4mm needles as best I can tell rather than the 4.5mm recommended, but the yarn is still a decently worsted weight, maybe light worsted, really. (edit: strike that, they were actually 4.5mm needles - the dpns I grabbed were the 4mm ones though because I'm a goof *grin*)

at 2004-12-09 17:06
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a little update

Spindle-spun some roving I dyed with the Wilton icing colors last night ... damned stuff was still bleeding on my hands :P Still, looks pretty. I have a pic on my camera of the newly dyed superwash wool that I'm going to use for charlotte's web, but I don't have it uploaded yet. Soon, maybe :)

I seem to have a copy of Knitter's Almanac coming my way soon, but I still need to get Knitting Workshop, and I'm pondering preordering for The Opinionated Knitter. Probably just wait though ... shipping's not going to be *that* much, and I'll probably just wait till I can get both at once.

I've been pretty good this month it seems about not buying too much new stuff and using old stuff. Also, I have two of the ladies in the cast who wanted to learn to knit, so I started teaching them last night. Harder than I thought to teach someone with no basic knitting knowledge. It's a good experience :) Most of what I've done is teach people who knit already something new. So it's fun, and challenging, and I'm into it.

Still need to finish my mitten so I can decide whether I'm going to make anyone else mittens. Then I need to, you know, actually make them if I am. Debating how intricate I really want to make gift mittens. Simpler is quicker and easier, but we'll see. I have some time yet to decide. Maybe ... ooh. I'll take my Scandinavian Knitting book to rehearsal tonight and some graph paper and plot it out I've decided that around 45-50 stitches around on US5s (3.75mm) needles should be a good gauge, so I can see what I can fit into that, and just design something simple for a thumb. Yes :)

at 2004-12-08 15:59
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Mitten Fu, or Tonight's Project (actually from last night, but it wouldn't post then)

So this is what I designed and made tonight. Mitten v1.0 - a slim, snug mitten using a Norwegian motif I borrowed from a hat I adored knitting. I used the superwash Ull yarn I'd gotten from Elann to make the sweater that shall never be, and US3 needles, which I think is like 3.25mm or somesuch.
click to see picsCollapse )

this mitten won't really fit anyone with a hand and wrist any bigger than mine. I should probably hop on up to a size 4 or 5 needle with the same pattern, probably a 5. Also, I really need to PLAN something for the thumb rather than winging it.

Altogether, it's a damned nice mitten though, especially for about 5 hours tonight spent in planning and execution. So I think this one won't get a True Mate, but rather I'll do the same gig with a planned thumb with a US5 needle (which I'm pretty darned sure is 3.75mm). Should work out better with the width that way. The floats offer plenty extra warmth too. Mmm mittens :)

Damn shame it reminds me so much of an oven mitt. *sigh*

at 2004-12-02 11:13
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I've been making Dolman Updated, kinda, but in different unmatched striped peices.

I have finished the back, started the front ... and I don't think I like it. Trouble is, I'll have lots of semi-short lengths of yarn now to deal with if I want to tear it apart and remake it as a different sweater.

dammit, the idea was cool in my head, but in practice, it just looks goofy, and not the good kind of goofy that I like. *sigh* Now to figure out what to do with it, or leave it to ferment and work on something else.

at 2004-11-30 15:48
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guess this is more crafty than not, I'll put it here, not there.

aaahhhhhhh and the rain starts :D

Supposed to get near freezing by wednesday morning, then start warming again for a little while.

Finished spinning off the yarn that I was working on, filled a bobbin that would make Dorris proud, and now it's back to my striped sweater. Looks like if I finish it before too long, I'll even get to wear it ;)

Still haven't gotten used to how hard it is to buy enough yarn for a sweater or similar sized project on my allowance. Like, it hasn't happened yet. I've at least gotten good at staying within my budget. Next step - saving up :D

Wish list:

8 oz of black merino, probably from up in Georgetown
Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Worsted - enough to make myself a nice warm cuddly sweater, nothing fancy, just a warm sweater. Maybe something striped. Something green, or green, brown and wine striped or something.
Ditto that from Bartlett Yarns. Not sure what colors, but I'm really wanting a pink sweater. Maybe a dusty rose or something, but something pink. don't ask why, I don't know. Or greys. Oh gosh that would be nice. A sweater of variegated greys :D
all that needed 2-ply wool from England (or an American distributor) for that Fair Isle Hat from the recent IK
a nice sized order from Copper Moose, specifically I'd like to get some Corriedale and some Falkland to try out. Maybe some Finn and Lincoln too. They have some Jacob on their Ebay store that looks nifty and has the added bonus of being a rare sheep - buying rare sheep wool encourages people to raise rare sheep and makes them less rare. I'm all for that. Plus I want to flesh out the stash some since I'll be spinning a LOT soon, and while I have a nice stash, I'll go through it fast. Especially since I'm in a spinning mood lately. I'm not sure where the wool to spin for SB is going to come from, but I'm at least planning for now on using my own since I'd like to keep the yarn that results, and I don't really expect the theatre to cover something I plan to keep. That seems kind of crummy (though if handed money to get fiber and told it was cool, I'd do it *cackle*) For now though, I'll stick to spinning some of my stuff I'd rather not spin under pressure of audience - the llama and alpaca, the optim, the silk, cotton, mohair - the stuff that might decide to be bitchy and show me up on stage. Wool I can mostly trust to behave at least. Mostly. *grin*

weather note ... it almost sounds like sleet or freezing rain or something, it's hitting the window so hard. Sheesh.

at 2004-11-30 01:23
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Hooray!! It's complete!

I raced the end of the ball of yarn and won :D I would still like to get more of the light green tussah silk/merino to spin up to make a proper border all around it, but this is quite serviceable and attractive, and a really nice weight, too. It's got IIRC 7 or so balls of Cascade 128 Tweed in I *think* color 602, as well as my own handspun merino and merino/tussah yarn, and a touch of ingeo where I could get it to not break. Damn ingeo :P

Love my new ruana though :D

at 2004-11-29 16:22
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secret told ;)

Banff is being reborn, hopefully as a ruana, though I might need to get another ball of yarn to augment what I have. It's the yarn from Banff as well as the green merino and merino/tussh I spun up, and some of the ingeo stuff though most of that seems intent on disintegration, so not so much that. The first half is done (one shawl, there will be two sewn together up the back) and it looks GREAT. I'll have to take a pic to post tomorrow :D

so my green along is woven now, not knit, hope that counts ;)

at 2004-11-27 22:14
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Shhhhh secrecy!

what once was Banff and was on its way to becoming another sweater is undergoing a radical transformation. Secret for now, pending it turning out, but I have high hopes :D

Went back to HCW today and got a third ball of the stripey goodness I made my knee-high out of. I decided, to make myself truly pleased with them, I need to pull them back, do the extra increases I need for it, and then make them a bit taller. Won't need more than just a few more stripes, so the one more ball should be ample with change. And this way, I will have no fears of them sliding down or shrinking just enough in the wash that I can't wear them.

Amusing note - the power went out while we were there. People did not stop shopping. In fact, several people seemed to suddenly have flashlights and continued browsing merrily among the stacks. Aw yeah. We be hard core, yo ;)

at 2004-11-23 01:01
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navajo spindles

These are so cool ... they are almost exactly the spindles I cooked up in my imagination the otherday, which kind of goes back to that whole collective unconsious thing. I think I'll see about ordering one before too long. I'd like to have one to play with soon. Maybe since it's only like $25 I can get one next paycheck.

But then, Michelle makes a good point ... surely I know someone who has the stuff necessary to make a 5 or 6 inch disc of wood with a centered hole in it for a thick dowel. Hmmmm .....

at 2004-11-18 13:30
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One down!

So, it's a little shorter than I wanted, but I was nearing the end of the ball and since I want to line up the stripes decently on the next one, I stopped short of the last band of color. Really, the one more inch wouldn't make enough difference, but in the future, it's a mental note that one ball of regia is juuuuuuuuuuuust shy of what I really want in a knee high. And this is still acceptable - it's not all I want and more, but it's damned cute and I like them a lot :D just means I need to get me a third ball next time is all, no worries from me.

so here it is, in all its stripey glory - sock #1, complete with picot bind off, which actually works really well. It's a little snug on the calf, but maybe that will keep the damned things from sliding down too much (not likely, they ARE knee highs still).

In my next pair of socks I might increase one or two more times ... the upper calf is really stretched about to the fabric's limit, but overall, this is nice. now to whip up a second one in reverse striping! yay!

at 2004-11-17 13:28
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whatever... I feel like I have to say it and get it over with

blog ring drama bullshitCollapse )
Anyhow, the first sock is finally almost done - I'm on the ribbing now, and I'm doing two stripes worth of 2x2 ribbing then casting off with a picot edge for stretchiness. I'm hoping they look good and feel good ... I've tried them on a couple times as I was knitting them, and they do seem to fit, but frankly, I have fat calves, even when I was a size 6 I had big calves, just lots of muscle there even under the fat, so the knee high socks I love so much have never fit me right from the store. That's why I'd really like to get these right, so I can make sure I have a good formula and make myself lots of knee highs. Once I get one done, I'll take a pic of it on to post and share :)

I miss the cold weather we were having. It seems so hot now, even in the 70s. I want real sweater weather back, for more than a couple days! I want to be able to wear hats and scarves! I know, I need to move away from Austin for all that :D

Still no calls from the yarn shop for subbing, but I'm hopeful. If I don't hear anything this week, I'll be emailing them anyhow to let them know about the show, whether I'm in or not, so I can make sure I'm still fresh in their minds and all then :)

Havent gotten very far on the green sweater because I'm on the sleeve and I really need a 10.5 circ of about 16" size probably, and I've not got one. Maybe I can sweet talk Lisa out of hers for the bit of time it would take to make the sleeves .... I just hate doing a sleeve on dpns.

Need to cast on that other lace glove and whip it out, but I have the knee highs on the bamboo 2s. Could probably do the next sock on the Inoxen instead though, that would let me have both on the needles at once. Need to make a blasted mitten at some point too, and see how I like that, if I want to make some for folks for the holidays or what.

pics tomorrow of sock, hopefully!

at 2004-11-16 20:04
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for those curious

pic of my sock so far.

Off to schlotszkies!

at 2004-11-15 18:17
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back in the sockies again ...

Wow, I'm late and I'm sure the along is over, but damn these knee highs are turning out cool!!! I'll probably finish it up today and take a picture - it's the self striping Regia that Cyndilou bought me... the stripes are about an inch and a half tall, so they are substantial, and each ball will easily make me a knee high :D I've been putting it on to waste yarn to try it on as I go, and I LOVE them!!! I have to finish them this week, just because :D They are the COOLEST!!!

No monday knitting again quite possibly ... looks like we have more callbacks tomorrow night that I might need to go to. Sleeping Beauty, but probably not the way most would envision it. Should be a lot of fun ... we're going to base the play on the Grimm tale and then work something up from that.

at 2004-11-14 12:35
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So the gloves are going stunningly, and I was R.A.O.K'd by the lovely and wonderful Cyndilou-who - when I couldn't decide between some garish Regia for socks and some nice sedate sock yarn for gloves, she snatched the fun one from me and said "Merry Christmas!" and bought it for me :D Must ... resist .. urge ... I want so bad to start them already, but I'm making myself wait at LEAST till I get ONE glove done!

Oh hooray for happy knitting weather! *glee*

at 2004-11-04 20:34
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is there a startitis vaccine?

'Cause, yanno, I could use a shot of that.

Went bloghopping yesterday and found that one of the lovely folks in the blogosphere is knitting these lace-backed gloves, originally it seems as a "Kerry Cashmere" lucky glove thing. Well, we all know that apparently didn't work out so well for him, but it did for me, as I think it's lovely, and it gives me the chance to (a) conquer my lacephobia and (b) get a lovely pair of gloves :D I've already started them using the aran colored Nature Spun fingering weight I'd bought at Yarn Barn thinking to dye it - glad I hadn't now :D I'm an inch and a half into them, having started them just this morning, the lace pattern is easy - already have it in my head decently well, and I've only had to tink back once to correct a mistake. WOO! I may fear my government, but I'll never fear my yarn :D I'm just glad I read back in her history - I didn't think about having to turn the extra bit of edge under to make the picot edge, I hope I have enough tail left. At least it means I didn't do wrong by picking my tail back up and continuing my long tail cast on! *giggle*

Think I'm going to head down to the yarn shop tonight in spite of myself - sock yarn is on sale, 20% off, along with other things, but the sock yarn is what matters to me. I might get some more for socks for myself since I can make a pair of socks for my dinky feet with one ball of Fortissima colori, or I might even get a couple balls of Regia - something colorful and happy and totalling less than $10 in the end of it all, if possible ;) Gotta save money for Kid n Ewe in a couple weeks! Debating how badly I want to try to sell my bag of wool there - it may or may not sell, but even if it does, I don't know that it's worth the money I'd spend in gas on a special trip down there on the Friday to take it to Michelle to sell (she's already so loaded up with goodies she doesn't have room for another bag). Meh, I really aught to just wash it and spin it, it's LOVELY stuff, and I'm just being lazy. Think I'll just keep it. Maybe I'll wash it here in the near future. Still need to do something with that black/brown fluff too. So much fiber ... tell me again why I'm going to this festival? *grin* I think I'll keep myself to exotic stuff or specially dyed things I wouldn't otherwise come by. Hopefully. *laugh* Trouble is I can usually find most of it cheaper online ;)

Loving this brisk weather we've been gifted with this week - I've actually gotten to break out the wool sockies and a sweater one morning! *GLEE!!* I am such a chilly weather chicka. Ok, maybe I'd hate it if I lived in it all the time, and it snowed constantly and stuff, but I don't know - I'd be hard pressed to hate anything as much as I do the 100°F summers here.

As far as the election goes, I'm not getting into it here because this is my yarning journal, and I've already said all I have to say in my non-yarning journal. If you're a Kerry fan, you already know it, I'm sure, and if you're a Bush fan, you don't want to hear it, so there you go.

at 2004-11-04 12:16
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feedback anyone?

I'm pondering making an all over ribbed cardigan for myself, or maybe a sweater. My concern, however, is how stretched is too stretched with 2x2 rib? Like, from the perpective of people seeing someone else in the garment. I'm thinking I would like some stretch across the bust, but not full stretch (like still-evident ribbing) and for it to be snug elsewhere.

I'm going to obviously be designing this for busty moi, so there will quite possibly be fiddling that needs to occur. Possibilities - taking in at the sides so it's more fitted where it can be, then opening the top up more than the bottom; changing needle sizes so that the gauge makes the same garment pattern bigger in one place than another; just do it all straight and take a devil may care sweater pin-up girl attitude to it ;)

oh, the yarn I'm planning on trying this in is a dark green araucania nature wool, so it would probably be on US6-8 needles. Not super fine gauge, but not bulky either. I'm just afraid that all over ribbing will make me feel like a cow :( God I need to get over this body image issue :P

at 2004-11-03 15:30
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I love Interweave Knits :)

I got my new IK in the mail.

I must have the yarn to make the fair isle sampler hat. I must. It is my destiny. It is in the stars. I shall somehow aquire that yarn and make that hat.

I weep for the days I had a steady, large paycheck. *weep* I miss my yarn purchasing power! whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine!

at 2004-10-31 22:08
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why do I torture myself?

I keep looking at Elann even though I cannot remotely afford to buy more yarn. But! But!!

Went to the mythic Yarn Barn last week, in San Antonio. Was pretty cool, actually. Still, I love my LYS best, but not a bad selection all told. And a fun little place to go. Got some Nature Spun sock yarn to koolaid dye, and some wildfoote handpaint and matching solid to make sockies.

Speakig of my LYS, it looks like I get to be on a substitute teacher list there to teach knitting and crochet :D Apparently they've had a bit of trouble with teachers having to miss and students still showing up, so this way they can test me out and I could test them out ;) I think it will be fun, and look forward to having my own regular weekly class, actually.

Now working on socks (finished one of a languishing pair), started a pair of what I think shall be mittens from Wool Ease Sportweight, still working slowly on both the green sweater and the stripey non-dolman dolman updated... finished Flore! kinda big picCollapse )

at 2004-10-30 21:31
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Okay, so the knee high knitalong was a failure on my part (someday I WILL KNIT A PAIR!) but this time I'm already working on something green, the reknit of my Banff into something I can comfortably wear, so I should be set! So in support of my Green-Obsessed friend, gilneas, and perhaps my recent realization that I'm more Green Party than Libertarian (I think it's the fact I want to ease society into accountability because I don't trust them in a true Libertarian state), maybe it's just the fact that I *adore* how green sets off my usually reddened hair, I've tossed my hat into the Green Along though, and hope to have a nice sweater in the end!

knit something green with me!

So my latest thought is a modified Banffish pattern that would be more fitted, measuring 48" rather than 50", still largely ribbed in the body but the center ribs coming up to a point with short ribs on the sides to account for boobage. Sort of a sweater with a built in waist cincher with no real hold to it - I have to try the idea out on scrap yarn yet though.

On layer 4 of my ENTIRELY too adorable Floré hat from KnitWhits in GREEN, brown, rust, burnt orange and peach. It looks more like falling leaves than a flower, but since that's what I was going for, I'm cool with that ;)

Now I just need to pay up for more time on this baby so I can add this to the sidebar ;) Oh, and after a recently near complete yarn inventory, I've determined that DAYUM, I need to sell off some of this to get new stuff. Oi vey! I have a L O T of yarn.

at 2004-10-22 02:05
What do you think?

God, the Saints, and seven Pantheons of Greater Dieties help me - I'm doing inventory on my yarn. I don't even know what I have anymore, and I need to go through and sort the scrap from the crap from the Good Stuff Maynard - figure in the end I'll gift, donate and sell what I don't want, and keep the rest with some better idea what the hell I want to do with it. I spent ... 2 hours today on two bins? Mind you, I'm also cleaning up the balls and taking time to put them neatly in the bins and enter the info on the laptop, but good golly miss molly I'll be at this FOREVER, I swear. But it makes a good project and when I'm done maybe I'll ebay off some of the good stuff I just don't want anymore so that it does SOMEONE some good somewhere, even if it's just me by it not being in the stash ;) WOO!

currently on needles:

reknit of Banff into a standard sweater. The front shoulder was kludgy and I hated the way the ribbing rode up over my boobs when I moved, so screw it, it'll be a simple sweater. It's been a sweater once, it should be enough to be a sweater again - and this time the sleeves might actually fit me too.

a sock I found that is for a friend of mine - I need to decide whether to finish it for her or for me, and do it and make the other. I have talked to her in ages, dagnabbit. I've emailed her but not heard back - I hope everything is alright. I don't know what size shoe she wears and last time I tried to call the number I have for her, it answered and hung up, and that was a while back. Hez would have said something if anything catastrophic had happened, so I'll assume no news is good news, I guess.

I've finally finished the back of the striped sweater. Yay!

found the Denim Silk tank I was working on - ought to work on that at some point

Ravenclaw scarf in Red Heart. Have to remember to wash it for softness before I fringe it. Using the new scarf pattern that will supposedly be in Goblet of Fire, more of a 4-1-1-1 stripe ratio, and I like the looks of it.

what else? I'm sure that can't be it :P The ne'er to be completed SUSS kit of course, but I hate it so I won't probably bother finishing it. Cheapass cotton yarn. Bleh :P

at 2004-10-20 19:40
What do you think?

well, my account status has expired, so I'm back to a free account ... I'll try to make sure I don't lose my blogging ring links and stuff before I can repay for another year, but if it does drop I'll do something.

crafting related - I finished my little purse bag thing and got it felted up - it worked out great, though shorter than I'd intended it. Still, it came out an excellent size and I like it a lot.

Got some red heart to make a Ravenclaw scarf ... thinking I might gift out the Gryffindor one. Really, I'm more a nerd than some brave thing, so really, Ravenclaw is much more my house, I think. Started a feather and fan shawl in LBHomespun, like, got 2.5 rows done kind of started... stalled out on my striped Dolman Updated.

I actually am thinking about not renewing this account and keeping it free, and just dropping off the knitring. It's not like I update more than once a week anymore, and it wouldn't get rid of my journal, just save me $25 a year. We'll see. I need to see what I gotta do to get out of the ringsurf first.

at 2004-10-13 16:31
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too many WIPs, too many plans

I have way too many projects I want to do, and not enough hands to do them all. I want to redesign the pink weekender sweater or whatever it's called that sits next to the Cashmerino Aran pictures in the catalogs all the time, I want to make it in my size, or something like it. I like the neckline, I like the cables. I don't like the price of the yarn or really, the color. Maybe.... Maybe that's what I should do with this green I keep futzing with.

Want to make the Oat Coture cardie, and I think I'll use my baabajoes for that. I need to finish up at least one stinking panel of my striped Dolman Updated. I still haven't made socks for any of the girls. I've got that Denim Silk shapely tank still on needles, not even done one side. I've got the felted bag I'll prolly do today to get it over with. I'm frustrated by all the ideas I have and all the yarn I have in my stash that I keep coming up with ideas for that I can't just POOF! they're done. I want to have them, hold them in my hands rather than look at the yarn all laying there neglected.

I have so little discipline with my yarn and crafting, I swear. It's like I get all these great ideas and I bury myself beneath them all, and then fret when I can't possibly get them all done. Grah.

Just one thing, I need to get at least one more stinking thing done, for that sense of accomplishment.

at 2004-09-27 14:04
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designing finally!

Decided to design my own cabled sweater, just have to decide if it's a cardie or a pullover. Leaning towards a cardie. Already got the rough idea and started swatching... it's a lot of work, but a lot of fun too ;) I feel so creative doing it. If it turns out well, I'll even sell the pattern I've decided. We shall see :)

at 2004-09-24 11:13
What do you think?

x-post from my other journal.....

Not only did I ribbon this time, I got the TRI-COLOR! WOOOOOOOOO best in show for my "gaming jacket", Round Trip from a semi-recent Knitter's issue. Wow. Just ... WOW!

Here are links to pics of the jacket ... Saturday they'd like me to be there at 12:15 to get my picture taken for the paper :D Then I have to figure out how to get a copy *laugh* EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Best in Show!

Jacket/Shrug Thing Front

Jacket/Shrug Thing Back

at 2004-09-23 12:47
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projects ... completed ... now what do I do?!

Finished the Round Trip bedjacket/shrug dealie this weekend - Burnout 3 has been a godsend for my knitting. I can sit and work on whatever till it comes back to my turn to play, crash cars, then go back to knitting. It finished Kevin's Sweater of Unnatural Orangosity, and it got me to where Rounders finished this jacket :) I like it, the sleeves come to right below the elbows, and it seems to fit pretty naturally on me. I might splurge and get a clasp for the front of it since it *will* go all the way over the boobies if I want it to, but for now it's good enough. Will be *excellent* for the movies. I'll get my darling to take some pics soon and post them.

Comal county fair is coming up, and I'll probably enter this jacket... not sure what else if anything. Currently working on a crochet mesh market back, the freebie pattern on Sugar n Cream yarn. It's working out nicely, and now that I'm aware I was crocheting with a death grip, I loosened up and no pain! Maybe I'll finish my star blanket yet...

Debating what to start knitting next. I need a brain-ded project and an interesting one, just a matter of whether I want to try Filey again in that cotton or jump right in to Norway and color stranding. Not really daunted by Norway as much as it seems, I just want to be sure I have everything else done first before I make such a major foray into sweater making. My mother's birthday isn't till November, so I can easily whip something up for her by then or gift her a hat and scarf set I've made or something. That's not a biggie. Might even make her one of these Round Trip jackets in Kool Wool or something, something she can machine wash. But I want to make a sweater for me, and I'm just debating how big a deal I want to make it.

Still have that Cabled Celtic Cardigan or whatever from Oat Coture I want to knit up, but I haven't decided on yarn yet. May just get a bunch of Cascade 220 to do it in, if I can decide on a color. I need something that goes with anything and shows cables well. It's shown in a light grey, but I dunno. I'm still debating. Need to sift through stash and see. Trying to avoid buying yarn right now ... maybe First Thursday will have wool on sale or something.

For now though, the market bags for when we go to Sams Club and a sweater of some sort. Think I'll go sit and stare at it all and decide ;) Still want to get some shetland from elann or wherever to make the Dusk or Dawn Jamieson's sweater. Hold three throughout, but it's 2ply so it should still be not too heavy. Really need to sit down and figure out my own gansey. That would make me happiest I think :) Maybe I'll cheat and go cheap and get some of that Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool and make my cardie out of that ... hrm. Or I could design my own gansey or Aran with it. Not beyond my abilities that for sure :D Yay!

at 2004-09-14 14:30
What do you think?

Baby clothes are the best to knit

Though to be fair, this is more of a toddler sweater I suppose.

Specs :
yarn - Hot Orange Caron One Pounder, partially used already, so not even remotely a full skein
needles - US8s
Cast on 92, joined, did a 2x2 rib in the round about 2"
increased to 100
knit in the round till the whole thing was 12"
knit the sleeves up - CO 20, 2x2 rib for 3", then increased every other stitch and then increased again every 5th to get a total of .... um... a lot of stitches. Knit in the round till they were a little longer than the sweater body.
put 8 stitches from body and 8 stitches from sleeve on holders and joined around placing markers at joins, did same on oither side. Knit two rows even, then started decreasing at the markers, K2tog on right of marker, SSK on left of marker all the way around, then knit the next row plain. After a couple rows, I started the garter stitch placket in the center front as I came around, then when I had 4 rows garter stitch (2 ridges) I split and started working back and forth, now decreasing at the markers on the knit side and then purling all the way back, but maintaining that garter stitch border. When I got pretty close to the end of the neck, I did a couple sets of short rows on the back to make the back neck higher - only did it twice because my row gauge was pretty big. finished off with 6 rows of garter stitch (three ridges) and a regular old crochet cast off. Kitchener the armpits and darn up any holes.

finished sweater is about 24" around, maybe 25". Needs to go through the wash once. Looks pretty spiffy it does. Started on Sunday night while watching Hellboy, finished Thursday while playing Burnout 3, so significantly less than a week to knit.

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at 2004-09-10 15:41
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